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Use this tool to comment on a pending application. If you have a general question or comment, use the Contact Us page.

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Below is a list of pending applications that are open for public comment. If a pending application is not listed, it means that the comment period using this tool has closed or that the pending application is administrative and that public comment is not part of the review process.

If you have any questions, please contact Gayla Salmi, Director of Public Works, by email or at (715) 373-6160 during normal office hours.

 Applicant NameProcedureDescription
Comment Harborview Events CenterSign PermitSign Permit
Comment RosenwinkelZoning PermitDriveway
Comment HaugenZoning PermitSiding remodel
Comment BandyZoning PermitAwning
Comment PetersonZoning PermitRoof
Comment BandySign PermitSign Permit
Comment LangenhammerZoning PermitWindows
Comment AmentSign PermitSign Permit
Comment MattsonZoning PermitFlatwork
Comment BoutinZoning PermitYard Shed
Comment Eric SirrineZoning PermitFence
Comment Christopher BensonZoning PermitConstruct yard shed
Comment Colleen GeisenZoning PermitRemodel Attic
Comment Ivey BergZoning PermitRe shingle roof
Comment Sarah KiltySign PermitSighn Permit
Comment Leann HouseZoning PermitRemodel
Comment Adam StoufferZoning PermitReplace front porch and steps
Comment Eugene Dandeneau Replace entry door
Comment Dan Betty MickZoning PermitReshingle roof
Comment Matthew & Sonya CooperZoning PermitRemodel Kitchen bathroom.